How the United States Military Makes You a Better Leader

As soldiers go to battle for our country, they see and experience things that citizens cannot imagine. Through their experience, they are molded into leaders both on and off the battlefield. Unfortunately, sometimes veterans find it difficult to secure employment upon their return home. Instead of looking at veterans as a possible liability, companies should understand just how lucky they are to employ a veteran. The following  are just a few of the ways the United States military molds men and women into future leaders:


How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable


As a soldier, you are constantly living a rough life. You rarely have the chance to bathe, you sleep very little and in very uncomfortable conditions, and the food you eat tastes nothing like what you’re used to from home. Not to mention the weather conditions you face as a soldier. Combine all of these elements together and a soldier becomes comfortable with the uncomfortable. As soldiers become comfortable in unfavorable conditions, they begin to recognize just how good their life is at home and that creates gratitude and a new perspective.


How to Take Responsibility


When you are a military service member, millions are people are relying on you daily. In addition, you are relying on your team members daily. This creates an environment of learned responsibility. This translates seamlessly to the business world. When a veteran is asked to complete a task, you can count on the fact that they will not only complete the task but complete it to the highest possible standard.


How to Take Pride in Your Work


As a United States soldier, every task you do will be thoroughly reviewed. Sloppy work is unacceptable and through time and training, soldiers begin to produce flawless work both on and off the battlefield. This is an invaluable skill in the workplace.


Going into the military is not for everyone, and that is perfectly ok. However, we must recognize those who have made the bold and honorable decision to fight for our country. Not only are they serving their country during their time in the service, but they are also molding into future leaders. The United States military creates men and women who know how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, how to take full responsibility no matter way, and how to take impeccable pride in their work. These skills are extremely valuable in the workplace and cannot be understated.